By: Admin | Posted on: 03-Apr-2019

A new era has begun for Valtrans

Dubai, UAE, April 16, 2019– The 2nd April 2019 marked a stepping stone for all the hard work and dedication Valtrans has put into their services throughout the years, as they are now the first company within Dubai’s transportation industry to be awarded the Emirates Business Excellence Award in the ‘Service’ category and rated 5 stars.  

At Valtrans, we understand that first and last impressions are important for the success ofthe ever evolving service environment. Valtrans has personified progress, being the first in the UAE to start initiatives, being a trailblazer of innovation and technology in the market and for outstanding contribution towards Dubai’s drive of service excellence and vision of the UAE’s government.

The process of gaining such a reputation involves an administrative conduct of the company by the Department of Economic Development; a program that scouts company’s worthy of only the highest ranking.

“One of our core beliefs at Valtrans is to constantly encourage one another to do our best, and by doing so, we maintain a high morale; This achievement not only reflects our team’s commitment, but that as long as we stay true to our work and each other, anything is possible.” said the General Manager, Mr. Imad Alameddine.

Valtrans valet parking is available at most major locations throughout Dubai, along with a few upcoming innovative car parking facilities. Be sure to download the Valtrans mobile application available on both iOS and Android.  

This award has also been covered by Gulf News in their  Business Excellence ward Supplement on 30th April 2019. 

About Valtrans:

Valtrans has been meeting the need for innovative and efficient transportation solutions since 2003. Valtrans has been committed to exceptional client services through building relationships and growing our community. Valtrans looks ahead; we get out into the market to observe, learn and understand the trends and forces that will shape our customer journey of the future.